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#Photographers’ Rights In Social Media | Lens Diaries™

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The hype of Google+ and the number of photographers running through G+ land deserves some attention for metrics, social media sharing and terms of service. TwitPic made some changes to their TOS and now it seems the more you read for social media photo sharing sites the more it becomes apparent its just a conduit for stock photography on the fly. Snap a shot of a product or service that looks decent enough for media or the brand to use, add it to TwitPic, share on Twitter and bam! Your iPhone photo may be the next lead photo in an advertisement or media outlet article and you get nothing; if anything, maybe a text credit tha twill be spelled wrong in some way and not link to the original photo.

Scot Bourne wrote a post about the problems of using Google+ as photographers. Many have followed with differeing opinions. Roland Gomez on Lens Diaries writes a post to break down the TOS for Facebook and Google+ as a non-lawyer. Word a read.
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“…But there are problems, especially for photographers, on these social media sites—photo rights! Yes, it’s funny how the social media that relies on “user uploaded photos” doesn’t truly understand how their rules impact photographers. So let’s look at my favorite of all social media providers, Facebook. I think they are currently the best at assuring photographers of their rights and others could learn from them. Facebook’s “Statement of Rights and Responsibility” is designed to protect them, rightfully so, but it protects photographers indirectly too…” – Lens Diaries
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